Patient Aftercare With Euthabag

The importance of incorporating Euthabag into aftercare.

Working in veterinary medicine is so rewarding but can have an emotional toll on the entire veterinary team. We spend our days pouring our heart and soul into caring for our patients. A bond is formed between the team and each patient, which makes it heartbreaking when we lose a patient. We understand the devastating impact that losing a pet has on our client’s but we need to also reflect inward to acknowledge the impact on our own wellbeing too.

We take pride in providing healthcare for our patients and being their advocates. This continues beyond the patient’s life into their aftercare. When a pet passes away the veterinary team needs to fulfill each family’s aftercare wishes. In doing so, we need to ensure that their pet is treated with the utmost respect. This is not only important on behalf of the patient and their family, but also to the veterinary team.

Fulfilling these wishes starts with respectfully preparing the patient for transport to their final resting place. In order to do this in a respectful manner that honours the patient we need to choose patient aftercare products that foster our compassion such as, Euthabag.

What is Euthabag?

Euthabag is an aftercare bag for patients, that have passed, that allows them to depart with dignity. More specifically, it is used for placing patients in to then be transported to their final resting place. This not only honours the patient, but also their family and vet team.

Aftercare Euthabag Dignity bag

Impact of Euthabag

Aftercare Euthabag Dignity bag

Utilizing Euthabags preserves each pet’s dignity by adequately containing them in a thoughtful manner. This is important for both the pet and their family. Should their family choose to do a home burial, they can take comfort in how their pet was presented to them as the Euthabag signifies that they were treated with respect.

Euthabag also positively impacts veterinary teams as it allows for their compassion to be expressed throughout the process of aftercare. Each team member truly values each pet, so it provides such peace of mind to know that they are still being properly cared for.

Moreover, Euthabag was also designed with the environment in mind. It is composed of recycled materials, water-based ink, and vegetable-based glue- thus fostering sustainability.

Personal Review of Euthabag

I believe that any practice could benefit from using Euthabag. It personally provides me with such relief to know that patients can be contained in a humane and respectful way during their aftercare. I have such compassion for every pet, and I believe that using Euthabag allows me to continue to express my compassion, beyond their living moments. This is so important because in veterinary medicine, your mental health is negatively impacted, largely from compassion fatigue. We need to protect our own mental health by utilizing products that benefit our patients. This allows us to feel emotionally satisfied with the care we have given each patient.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post in exchange for my honest review.